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        Nice To Meet You

I'm Mark Rogers, the owner of PathSites. For the last 12 years, I've built personal and business web sites that work for what they are built for.

Those sites are clean, sharp and easy to navigate for visitors. They are search engine friendly to help new people find them.

I love building sharp, clean sites that provide a Path to your life passion, small business, hobby, personal blog and more.

That's what I do for a living. I do it with a clear pricing structure that individuals and small businesses can afford. You won't have to stress over what it costs. That's all clearly stated here.

Your Website

The web site I build for you will be attractive. While any type picture or graphic can be included, it will not appear cluttered.

Excessive graphics, pictures and distractions that will put off or draw away your visitors will be avoided. Your visitors will be pleased with the appearance, but able to easily read and navigate the contents.

Check out PathSites and look at a few of the example sites.

PathSites is built with desktop software with an integrated Wordpress blog. It is hosted by Host Gator.

Feel free to contact me at or through the
site contact form.
Some Websites I Built
HTML5 Site Built with desktop software.
          Hosted by Host Gator.
Heavily customized Wordpress Theme
      Hosted By Arvixe Web Hosting
Simple, customized Wordpress Theme
           Hosted by Arvixe Hosting